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Dear colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the Journées Ophtalmologiques Universitaires de Québec (JOUQ) on January 30 and 31, 2020. The theme of this 49th edition of the Ophthalmological Days is Neuro-Ophthalmology: a topic relevant to all clienteles. We are proud to present you with a practical and applicable program that is focused on your educational needs.

It is well known that Neuro-ophthalmology can be complex. We have the opportunity to introduce you to a team of dynamic speakers and vulgarization experts. Among them, we are honoured to welcome internationally renowned speakers: 


Julie Falardeau, MD - Portland, USA

Andrew G. Lee, MD - Houston, USA

Joseph F. Rizzo, MD - Boston, USA

We look forward to seeing you all again on January 30 and 31 for a refreshing update in Neuro-ophthalmology!


Marie Eve Légaré, MD, FRCSC

JOUQ Chair


Objectives of the event

The mission of JOUQ 2020 is to update knowledge in neuro-ophthalmology and neurology, both practical and applicable.  The range of presentations will include new developments in diagnosis, therapy and investigation in neuro-ophthalmology, as well as a refresher course on neurological diseases affecting the visual system. 


Scientific Committee - Ophthalmologists

  • Guillaume Chabot, MD

  • Andréane Lavallée, MD

  • Marie Eve Légaré, MD - JOUQ Chair


Scientific Committee - Paramedical Staff

  • Isabelle Boudreault, Nr.

  • Mélanie Fortier, Nr.

  • Stéphanie Provencher, Nr.

  • Marie Eve Légaré, MD


Organizing Committee

  • Marie-Pier Huot Carmichaël - Main Coordinator

  • Sylvie Gariepy, AMOQ Director

  • Marie Eve Légaré, MD

  • Colombe Roger - Exhibitor Assistant

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JANUARY 30 - 31

Scientific program reserved for ophthalmologists, residents and paramedical staff.

Scientific program for nurses, technicians, certified ophthalmological assistants and orthoptists.



Activity for ophthalmology residents and ophthalmologists/ institutions planning recruitment.

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